Working from home with Noctua

Working from home: a positive effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Working from home also appears to have an advantage on the amount of work that is done per employee (no traffic jams, few distractions). Many companies have now realized a transformation, whereby employees are permanently working from home.

Noctua and working from home

For you as a researcher, technology that facilitates working from home is essential. The Noctua software works from the browser of any computer. No special application or software is required. This makes working from home very easy. Log in and get started!

Browser based access

Via the browser there is access to the software, which is in the Cloud. Of course, the software can be installed on your own servers, if they are connected to the internet.

Benefits of browser-based research with Noctua:

  • efficient
  • all data and reports in one place
  • legal evidence (audit log of the entire process)
  • facilitates working from home
  • several people can work on 1 file

All actions of the user are recorded and the data obtained is saved. This information is separate from the report being generated. The data about how the information was obtained (the searches and actions) is information that is often missing in a report, but it can be decisive in a legal conflict.

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