It is vital for companies and organizations to know in detail who is with whom they do business or work with. Complying with the laws and regulations yourself is not enough. Thorough knowledge of customers (KYC) and exclusion of associated risks (CDD) is crucial.

As an innovative research software, Noctua supports the fight against fraud and crime, such as tax evasion, terrorism or money laundering (AML). This makes Noctua indispensable for financial institutions, insurers, municipalities, financial authorities and investigative services.

Workflow motivates

The innovative software is programmed in such a way that you, as a user, perform the necessary actions in a logical order. This way you work intuitively and you get one hundred percent support. No wonder users get motivated by this powerful research software.

Effective research

With Noctua, conducting high-quality research is not a time-consuming activity. Thanks to this software, you spend your time more effectively and see the results of your efforts much faster. Searching for specific words, monitoring and analyzing data and generating reports has never been easier.

Targeted use

As a user, you step-by-step arrange Noctua to your desire in order to use the software as effectively as possible. This makes it relatively easy to set up roles, rights, and local or external data sources based on your specific needs.

Getting started with Noctua

Red flags

Noctua applies the red flag methodology within its software. The software automatically generates signals that you as a researcher only need to assess.


The research software is easy to install and set up, based on your specific wishes. As a user of Noctua you work effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily.

Software as a service

All functionalities are stored in a protected environment in the cloud and can be accessed via your browser.


The following applies to every functionality within Noctua: as a user you get to work in an understandable and logical way. At Noctua, simplicity is key.

No training required

The structure and steps within Noctua are so logical that you hardly need any instruction or training to work with the software.

Rapid deployability

The implementation of Noctua is straightforward and simple. Without the intervention of the IT department, the software is easy to set up and use.


A little note from our clients
  • Top software

    The research software is optimally designed for our organization. We test Noctua in the Netherlands to be able to roll it out in several countries.

    Gert Vos
    Security & Risk Manager at
  • Comfort and ease

    Working with Noctua is a relief. As a user, you can quickly and easily generate high-quality reports for customers.

    Frank Rovers
  • Noctua is the Ferrari

    The Noctua Bibob-radar is the Ferrari of research software. A network analysis is child’s play, because it builds up dynamically during the research.

    Danny van Duijn
    Municipality of Schiedam


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