Noctua, high-end research tool for the financial sector

Financial sector

Are you a researcher of a financial institution (bank, insurer) responsible for screening new or existing customers? With Noctua you have a high-end, tailor-made research tool at your disposal to assess (potential) customers. Noctua checks open or closed data sources. The tool then visualizes connections between entities and natural persons. The Noctua tool is easy to link to internal data sources, but works independently of existing IT systems of the organization.

The Noctua tool can be used for new clients (KYC) and transactions of existing clients (AML and CDD) research. Noctua is an all-round tool, which (can) automate standard control steps, which relieves the researcher of the tedious, time-consuming work. Doing in-depth (EDD) research with the Noctua tool is relatively easy for you. See also our page about research methods.

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