Noctua alerts keep you sharp

How do you intervene in time as a researcher? What should you as a researcher respond to? Which adjustments at the Chamber of Commerce should lead to a signal? The basis of every researcher is a well-designed KYC, CDD and AML process. On top of that are automatically generated alerts that keep the researcher on their toes.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

Automatic alerts, generated with ANI, saves you as a researcher a lot of time, you can intervene in time when changes are made and you avoid surprises.

The alert function searches on the basis of predefined changes in an existing relationship in various data sources. But a change in sentiment for news items can also give rise to an alert.

Alerts for issued permits

Permits issued under the Dutch Act on the Promotion of Integrity Assessments by Public Administration (Bibob) by municipalities, provinces and ministries are subject to a prior assessment. Retrospective testing of whether the permit conditions granted are met is often lacking, partly due to a lack of time or the fact that this is the responsibility of another department. The solution is to set up an alert.

Example of an alert: in case of changes of ownership after obtaining the permit by a straw man, whereby a criminal organization takes over the company. Another example is the adjustment of the financing structure, after which criminal organizations may participate in the operational management.

The advantage of the alert functionality is that possible fraudulent activities are detected in time and that you as a researcher can intervene quickly.

Alerts about relationship management

The ISO 27001 and 27002 standards: perhaps less interesting for you as a researcher, but essential for certain colleagues. ISO 27001 and 27002 have a separate chapter devoted to relationship management (customers and suppliers). Logical moments for customer or supplier contact are viewed from the perspective of ISO standards, change of ownership (UBO), change of management, relocation, filing insolvency or not filing annual accounts. In practice, however, this is often not noticed at all or too late. This is prevented with a software alert set to the aforementioned changes in, for example, the UBO register or Chamber of Commerce.

Not filing the annual accounts or not filing them on time is often a signal that something is wrong. Perhaps not immediately necessary for you as a researcher to intervene, but for your colleague, the account manager, it may be time to take action, for example to adjust the payment conditions with the relation.

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