Noctua was established in 2016

After a presentation about software for forensic investigators – at one of the Dutch regulators – the idea arose to join forces. The aim was to develop functional, user-friendly research software to combat fraud and crime. From the start, there has been intensive collaboration with the customers from the very beginning: the experts from forensic departments. The knowledge and experience they bring in is bearing fruit. And we are still joining forces with our clients to continuously improve the software.

The logo

A stylized owl has been incorporated into the Noctua logo. The choice for this bird of prey as a symbol for our research software is taken consciously. Crime takes place on a large scale in a shadowy, underground world. As nocturnal animals, owls have excellent hearing and good vision in the dark. As investigative software, Noctua plays a similar role: hunting prey that engages in crime and fraud ‘out of sight’.

The organization

The high competence of the software developers makes a hierarchical organizational structure superfluous. Our experts are given complete freedom to do what they do best. Of course within the guidelines of a shared vision where they can count on the necessary support.


To enable in-depth and high-quality research against fraud and crime with the help of technology and thus create a safe society and strong rule of law.


To develop high-end research software that optimally supports organizations in their fight against fraud and crime.