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Digital search for red flags

Good research requires thorough preparation. As a researcher you know that. Two basic questions guide your research. What should you look for and what evidence should you gather to make a case? It is useful...
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Noctua alerts keep you sharp

How do you intervene in time as a researcher? What should you as a researcher respond to? Which adjustments at the Chamber of Commerce should lead to a signal? The basis of every researcher is...
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Working from home with Noctua

Working from home: a positive effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Working from home also appears to have an advantage on the amount of work that is done per employee (no traffic jams, few distractions). Many...
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Bitcoin for researchers

As a researcher at the government or a financial institution, you increasingly come into contact with Bitcoin (BTC). Questions for researchers are: what can you do with BTC in a research? How do you do...
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